Build customer loyalty

There’s a lot of talk about customer loyalty but it has to be a two-way street.

Everybody loves regular customers, they’re the bread and butter of foodie businesses. Yes, it’s always worth drawing in new business with ‘new customer’ offers. That shouldn’t upset your existing customer base as long as their loyalty is recognised and rewarded. That, in turn, will help turn your new customers into loyal, regular customers. Keep doing that and you’ll have a very large, happy bunch of customers!

If you have great local suppliers, why not share the love with loyal customers and let them order produce through you? More business for your supplier will help them keep going & helping customers enhances the relationship you have with them.

We’ve helped to set up a number of customer loyalty schemes that have paid dividends for both the companies in question and their loyal customers. We love a win-win and let’s face it, everybody loves to feel appreciated (and get a discount).

customer loyalty

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