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Loving this part of home schooling

My son’s school has recently given me more to love about the lockdown. The wonderful Mrs Brogan in Rednock School’s Design Technology department very kindly provided some fantastic baking lessons for me to supervise. Not a great deal of supervision required really, as he knows his way around the kitchen pretty well by now. He does quite enjoy company while he’s cooking though. And, having grown up watching various cooking shows with us on TV, he likes to give a running commentary of what he’s doing. I can still sometimes add to his knowledge (if I’m allowed) but, to be fair, the main perk is being able to act as quality control/chief taster.

Chocolate brownies

The brownies were very good but weirdly, I have to admit that I preferred the jam biscuits. Maybe it was the slightly sharp homemade garden berry jam, or the fact that they weren’t too sweet but they were dangerously moreish! It was ‘Home Economics’ for some and just plain ‘Cookery’ at my school but who knew Design Technology could taste so good?!

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