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Finally used the frozen Seville oranges…

Haha! Gone are the days of slaving over a hot preserving pan in a dripping kitchen in January to make the most of Seville oranges!

I get very sad if I don’t get to make the most of these wonderful fruits while they are in the shops for those short weeks from mid-January to early February and can, at times, get a little neurotic about having to make some marmalade. It could be a semi-latent ‘doomsday prepper’ gene but I prefer to think of it as my maternal grandmother’s influence (she was a great one for preserving, making fabulous jams, jellies, wines, etc.). This can lead to a slight glut of oranges in the house, usually at a time when there really isn’t a great deal of ‘free’ time. Thankfully, I have a friend who has always made excellent use of her freezer and is happy to share her knowledge of all things freezer-related, so I now freeze them for use at a later date. It’s worth knowing that freezing can reduce the pectin levels in fruits but as long as you have some pectin handy, you’re laughing.

So it was on a nice weekend, when I was able to open the skylight to let the steam out of the kitchen, that I embarked on a marma-thon – Three Fruit Marmalade (Seville oranges, lemons & grapefruit), Seville Orange and Ginger and Seville Orange and Cardamom. Fair to say we like marmalade in our house and it also makes a great gift as many of our friends enjoy it too. I use Pam ‘the Jam’ Corbin’s whole fruit recipe which not only means that I can make it in stages but takes the stinging acidity out of the fruit, so any paper cuts or hangnails are safe from assault. Thanks, Pam, we love you! You can find out more about the Maharani of Marmalade here:

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