Garlic art

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Making the most of drying garlic

I love all types of alliums but this year, for the first time, I’ve successfully grown garlic and onions! Thanks very much to Monty Don and Gardeners World for the hot tip that I could plant them in winter for a slightly earlier crop – an empty raised bed is a sad sight to behold and it filled me with optimism seeing life springing up before spring had arrived. I patiently waited, kept the beds free(ish) from weeds and applied feed when I remembered… and consulted Mr Don again to see when they could be considered ready to harvest and now, here they are, adorning a piece of barbecue equipment above the bookshelf.

Not the most practical art installation, admittedly but very pleasing to behold, nevertheless. And they taste good too. These are the smaller, second batch by the way. The Early Purple Wight, a soft neck variety, grew quite a bit bigger than these and will, apparently, store for longer too. Although we get through a fair bit of garlic and as I don’t have an enormous amount of space, I didn’t have the opportunity to grow masses of them, so storage is unlikely to be an issue. Definitely growing garlic and onions again though, it’s so satisfying. Need to see how the spring onions do next – or ‘summer’ onions in this case as I planted them quite late.

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