Help with menus

We’ll spell check and lay out your menus to make it easy for your customers to find their favourites and your specials – and to tempt them to try something new. Alternatively, we can design a template for you to use that’s in keeping with your brand and offering. Whether you change your menus seasonally or weekly, they should be beautiful, correct and reflect your style and values.

One hot tip we’d recommend is putting British food on your menu – the more locally sourced the better! Set yourself a target of at least five locally sourced dishes on your menu – people increasingly want to know about where their food comes from and how it was produced, so if you deal with a farm with high welfare credentials, we think that’s worth shouting about and makes your customers understand a slightly higher price tag.

British Food Fortnight, at the end of September to the start of October, is a great time to highlight local connections. We like to name the producers, or at least tell people how local they are, i.e. ‘within X miles of the restaurant’. We’ve even gone out to meet suppliers to find out their story and take photos of their operation to use in marketing for our clients (it’s a bit of a win-win and we like that kind of thing).

If you’re using mostly British food, your menu and the feel of your pub/restaurant/hotel can change with the seasons, helping to make it a go-to place whatever the weather, not just ‘a great winter pub’ or a ‘lovely place to go in the summer’. It makes sense too, as it supports the local economy and if you’re helpings the environment with reduced food miles, you’ll be putting fresher food on people’s plates. Happy days!

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