Pear Preserving

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When pears all come at once…

Our pear tree did us proud again this year, so we’ve been busy in the kitchen, preserving, after the strong winds knocked off most of the fruit – we have Apple and Pear Chutney (from Hugh Fernley-Whitingstall’s ‘glutney’ recipe, which is rightly endorsed by Pam ‘The Jam’ Corbin); Pear and Ginger Jam and a small batch of amazing Pickled Pear and Cardamom Cheese (from a Waitrose recipe and oh my goodness, if you have pears and like cardamom, you have to try it!). That may be Christmas sorted for some of our foodie friends, once we’ve made them look a bit more festive – you can’t beat a good hamper.

We also now have a freezer full of roasted tomato sauce – who knew all the plum tomato seeds would germinate?! Thankfully, that was not a huge problem as we had new raised beds and a small greenhouse to fill, plus friends who were happy to take a few plants off our hands. Considering we grew most of them outside, there were surprisingly few green tomatoes left on the plants for Green Tomato Chutney. Happily enough though! We may be starting to look like doomsday preppers…

I’ll start next year’s tomatoes off a bit earlier, on the kitchen windowsill.

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