Who We Are

Indulgency is a family owned and run foodies marketing agency with Christopher Isaac as designer/photographer, Tracy Isaac the wordsmith/content and Matthew our son helping out. We have lots of marketing, advertising and design experience in the food industry.

Taking a keen personal interest in food, we like to grow, cook, bake and preserve food. We also like to explore new ingredients and eat out, so we are sincere in our appreciation of the effort and expertise that goes into making great food and a winning ambience. And we love working with people who have a real passion for what they do and what they produce. Part and parcel of that is our love of tasting their wares, which is very important! In fact, most of our clients have found that we not only produce great work for them, we also become great champions of their brands. If you’re doing a great job, we want you to succeed. If we like something, we want everybody to know about it. Not just because it’s our job but because that’s the way we are!

Our skills cover everything from naming companies and their products to designing their logos, their websites, their packaging and their loyalty schemes. We’ve dressed hotel rooms for photo shoots, designed restaurant and shop interiors and designed, laid out and spell-checked menus, brochures, catalogues and flyers. We have even been known to help our clients work out how to organise their delivery routes efficiently!

We’ve gussied up pub and hotel rooms on a quiet summer’s day for a Christmas photo shoot. It may look a bit mad but it gives us a head start on Christmas brochures, menus and booking forms. We’ve not only photographed the food on the menu, we’ve worked with chefs to help them to plate it up more attractively.  A few simple changes that elevated a standard pub meal (which I hasten to add is something we love!) to something that looked like it could have been on Masterchef.

From branding to beer fonts, if it’s good quality food and/or drink related, we are interested!

For more information or a coffee email [email protected] or call 07980578015